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What is Rootbeer?

What is Sarsaparilla?

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What is Rootbeer?
Rootbeer is a dark, sweetened, carbonated soft drink. There are many brands, though no single recipe. Early 1900's rootbeers acheived their unique flavor with a variety of ingredients... Read more...

Rootbeer History
There's nothing quite as wonderful as a frosty mug of old fashioned rootbeer. But where did this carbonated soft drink come from? The historical roots of rootbeer run deep, and there's a considerable amount of confusion about how this creamy treat came to be. Read more...

Rootbeer Recipies
Ready to savor the flavor of a batch of old-fashioned homemade rootbeer? Here are a few recipes for you to try. We've also included a list of common ingredients if you're interested in creating a new, unique flavor. Read more...

Rootbeer Float Recipies
A rootbeer float is just about the dreamiest treat that you'll ever enjoy. We've included the recipe for the "classic" Black Cow rootbeer float, along with a few twists on the popular theme. Read more...

Rootbeer Brands/Popular and Gourmet
Charles Hires started the rootbeer craze with Hires rootbeer, when he mass produced it for public sale way back in 1876. Since then many rootbeer brands have come and gone. We'll guide you to many of the rootbeer brands that are available, and let you know why they taste so good! Read more...

"What is Rootbeer?" Q&A
Got questions? "Is sarsaparilla rootbeer?", "Do they really put rootbeer in shampoo?" or "What makes that super groovy froth? We've got answers. Read more...

Free Printables for Kids
Got kids? We've got fun. Download a printable and grab a rootbeer. Let's play!

Free Sheet Music
Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You! for Easy Piano
Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You! for Easy Guitar
Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You! | Lyrics Sheet

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Frosty Mug of Rootbeer | Free Coloring Page
Rootbeer Barrel | Free Coloring Page

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"Talk Like a Pirate" Word Search | Free Word Search Worksheet
"Through the Rootbeer Barrel" Maze | Free Maze for Kids/Easy
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