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Pirate Booty™ Rootbeer Float

Here's a twist on the "classic" rootbeer float for your little pirates!

1-2 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream
3-4 Chocolate Coins (Pirate Booty)
1 Pirate Hat Chocolate Lollipop
4 oz of Rootbeer

Frost mug (directs provided below). Scoop ice cream. Add chocolate coins. Place mug/dish on small plate to catch the overflowing froth. (If this rootbeer float is for you, get ready to slurp most of it - it's too delicious to waste!) Pour rootbeer over ice cream. Slip pirate lollipop stick in end of straw, and place in float. Serve with spoon. Enjoy!

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Helpful Tips
Here are a few tips to enhance the yumminess of your rootbeer float:

  • Try a Frosted Mug: A frosted mug, or frosted glass tulip sundae dish, make rootbeer floats better... they just do! To make a frosted mug/dish run it under cold water, place it in your freezer, and wait for 20-30 minutes. Remember not to leave your mug in the freezer too long - it may crack.
  • Quality Rootbeer: Not all rootbeers are created equal. Some are super creamy, while others taste mediciny. Some are made with high frutose corn syrup, while others are enhanced with the goodness of cane sugar. A&W and Barq's are a few of the best national brands. If you would like to taste the difference a really great rootbeer can make, check out our list of gourmet rootbeer brands.
  • Quality Ice Cream: Quality ice cream holds up to the rootbeer better than less expensive over-aerated ice creams - and it's more delicious!
  • Use Skim Milk for Lactose Intolerant: Nobody should miss the opportunity to enjoy a creamy, dreamy rootbeer float. For those friends that are lactose intolerant, find a quality ice cream made with skim milk.

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