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Popular and Gourmet Rootbeer Brands

Charles Hires started the rootbeer craze with Hires rootbeer, when he mass produced it for public sale way back in 1876. Since then many rootbeer brands have come and gone. We'll guide you to many of the rootbeer brands that are available, and let you know why they taste so good!

Four Bottle Caps (Best)

Abita Rootbeer
The Abita Brewing Company introduced its rootbeer in 1995, as the first soft drink from a company that specialiizes in microbrewed lagers and ales. A well-balanced rootbeer, made from Lousiana cane sugar. Not too sweet, with a wonderfully satisfying after taste. Manufactured by the Abita Brewing Company.

A&W Rootbeer
A&W made its debut in a little road side stand in Lodi, California in 1919. Wonderfully creamy, boldly bubbly, and mildly sweet. A&W is sometimes referred to as the rootbeer standard. Manufactured by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and A&W Food Services of Canada.

Boylan Rootbeer
Boylan Bottling Company, founded by pharmacist William Boylan, is a gourmet soft drink manufacturer. The Boylan Bottling Company is now over 100 years old, and remains a family owned and operated business. It began with its recipe for birch beer, and later included many wonderful flavors, including rootbeer. A creamy, smooth flavor with a nice balance of wintergreen and anise. Not too sweet. Manufactured by Boylan Bottleworks in Haledon, New Jersey.

Dad's Rootbeer
Dad's Rootbeer is an American made rootbeer that was created in Chicago in 1937 by partners Ely Klapman and Barney Berns in the basement of Klapman's Chicago-area home. Dad's unique creamy flavor soon developed a loyal following. By the 1940's it was one of the most consumed brands of rootbeer. Extra creamy goodness and made with real cane sugar. Owned and manufactured by owned by Hedinger Brands, LLC.

Hires Rootbeer
Charles Hires set the rootbeer crazy into full tilt, as the first to mass produce rootbeer way back in 1876. There's no telling how much of the original recipe still remains, but Hires is still a crowd pleaser, being well-balanced and spicy. Manufactured by Dr. Pepper.

Snake River Sarsaparilla
Snake River Sarsaparilla is a creamy and spicy treat, with a high level of carbonation and real cane sugar. Creamy and bubbly usually don't happen together, but the folks at Jackson Hole Soda know just what to do. Manufactured by Jackson Hole Soda.

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Barq's Rootbeer
The Barq's Brothers Bottling Company was founded by Edward Charles Edmond Barq and his brother Gaston, in New Orleans, Louisiana. The company began by selling carbonated water and a collection of soft drinks. In 1898 the Barq's brothers introduced Barq's rootbeer, also referred to as Barq's Famous Olde Tyme Root Beer. In recent years Barq's has been marketed with the slogan "Barq's Has Bite!" And that it does. It's also quite fizzy, and lacks the creaminess of some brands, though is still a tasty rootbeer. Manufactured by The Coca-Cola Company.

Berghoff Rootbeer
Berghoff rootbeer is descendant of prohibition-era's Bergo Soda Pop. This classic rootbeer has been a favorite for the past 50 years. Its exceptionally rich taste is mellow, creamy, and well-balanced. It's sweetened with cane sugar, so you don't get any of that syrupy taste. Manufactured by Berghoff Beer.

Hank's Rootbeer
Genuine Hank's Premium Rootbeer is a product of Hank's Beverages, which was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia in 1955 by Bill Dunman and partners. This Philly rootbeer is a hit with many rootbeer lovers. A creamy soft drink with an intensely strong spicy flavor. Manufactured by Hank's Beverages.

Jones Rootbeer
Founded by Peter van Stolk in 1986, the soft drink company began as the Urban Juice & Soda Company. In 2000 they officially changed their name to Jones Soda Company, and are based in Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington. Their marketing slogan is, "A conventional taste in an unconventional bottle." For their efforts they have not only created a a passion for their soda among soda drinkers, but also with their employees, directors and shareholders. Jones rootbeer is pleasant, though ordinary.

Old Philly Rootbeer
Olde Philadelphia Soda Company, LLC is owned and operated by two Philly born soda lovers. Creamy, well balanced rootbeer, enhanced by the goodness of cane sugar. This rootbeer has a little bite, produced in part from the carbonation, and inpart from the spices that they include. Manufactured by the Olde Philadelphia Soda Co.

Reading Draft Rootbeer
Reading Draft Rootbeer is made by and family owned company which was founded in 1921, and currently operates from an old factory building near the Reading, Pennsylvania train station. Made with cane sugar, Reading Draft Rootbeer is a good solid rootbeer, though didn't make a statement.

Sprecher's Rootbeer
Sprecher Brewery was founded by Randy Sprecher in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1985. Sprecher's produces as full range of beers and sodas, though is best known for their premium sodas. Their rootbeer is a notably smooth, creamy, and sweet soda, yet lacking a bit of zing. Manufactured by Sprecher Brewery.

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Virgil's Rootbeer
Virgil's offers an old-fashioned style rootbeer made from natural ingredients, including anise, licorice, bourbon vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, wintergreen, molasses, nutmeg, sweet birch, balsam oil, pimento berry oil, and oil of cassia. A vanilla aroma and nice fizz, though a bit mediciny. Manufactured in Los Angeles, California by Reed's Inc.

One Bottle Cap (Worst)

Bundberg Rootbeer
Bundberg rootbeer is an Austrailian brewed drink manufacturer, established by Cliff Fleming in 1960. A weak cola flavored drink with a touch of lemon. If you were asking "What is Rootbeer", this wouldn't be the answer. Far from good. Manufactured by Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Pty Ltd.

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