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Homemade Rootbeer Recipies
Ready to savor the flavor of a batch of old-fashioned homemade rootbeer? Here are a few recipes for you to try. We've also included a list of common ingredients if you're interested in creating a new, unique flavor. Enjoy!

Old-Fashioned Homemade Rootbeer
This recipe comes from Excellent Recipes for Baking Raised Bread, which was published by the Fleishman Company way back in 1912.

1 Cake of Compressed Yeast
5 Pounds of Sugar
2 Ounces of Sassafras Root
1 Ounce of Hops or Ginger Root
2 Ounces of Juniper Berries
4 Gallons of Water
1 Ounce of Dandelion Root
2 Ounces of Wintergreen

Warning: If you are interested in trying this recipe out, the sassafras root that you use should indicate that the oil has been removed. The FDA determined in 1930 that natural sassafras root was carcinogenic, though in the 1960's an effort was made to find a suitable replacement for this ingredient. It was found that by removing the oil, the cancer causing agent, the root could still be used. It should also be noted that rootbeer made with yeast is not for kids, as it will also produce a small percentage of alcohol (.05%) during the fermentation process.

Homemade Rootbeer Recipe | Non-Carbonated

6 Cups of Natural Cane Sugar
3 1/3 Gallons of Cold Water
2 Ounces of McCormick® Root Beer Extract
5 Pounds Dry Ice

In a large ice chest, mix together the natural cane sugar and hot water, stirring to fully dissolve the sugar. Next, stir in the McCormick® root beer extract. Place the dry ice into the ice chest. Allow mixture to brew for one hour.

Just for fun, leave the lid off the ice chest while brewing. Your kids will probably love watching the dry ice smoke and bubble!

Homemade Rootbeer Recipe | Carbonated

1 1/2 Cup of Natural Cane Sugar
1 1/2 Cup of Water
2 Liters of Seltzer Water (Plain/Without Baking Soda or Quinine)
1 to 1 1/2 Teaspoons of McCormick® Root Beer Extract (to Taste)

In a large pot, mix together the natural cane sugar and hot water, stirring to fully dissolve the sugar. Next, stir in the McCormick® root beer extract. Let cool. Combine root beer mixture with the cold seltzer water. Enjoy!

Additional Ingredients
You've tried the basic recipe, and now you're ready to invent your own homemade rootbeer flavor that will take the world by storm. Here are many of the most popular ingredients that manufacturers use in their rootbeer recipies.

Ingredients for Extra Super Groovy Froth

Spices for Flavor
Star Anise

Other Ingredients
St. John's Wort

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